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We know that every community member deserves to breathe clean, healthy air free of carcinogenic secondhand smoke and vape where they live, work and play – that’s why Breathe advocates for stronger tobacco control policies in the Sacramento Region to protect our community members from exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke and vape.

Our policy work has focused on smoke-free multi-unit housing and smoke-free community colleges, and will soon expand to include establishing smoke-free outdoor worksites and a 100% smoke-free American River Parkway. Exposure to secondhand smoke kills over 40,000 non-smokers in the US every year; the only risk-free level of secondhand smoke is none at all. As the vaping epidemic continues largely unchecked on Federal and local levels, we continue to train and work with youth advocates in our community to fight back against the tobacco industry to work toward a tobacco-free future in California.

Programs Eliminating Tobacco Use

Breathe actively works to protect Sacramento area residents from secondhand smoke exposure in multi-unit housing. We maintain a website that lists apartment complexes and their smoke-free policies, so that prospective renters can be informed about what level of protection from secondhand smoke they would have if they live at the property. In addition to proposing and advocating for municipal level policies in cities within the Sacramento region, we also work with the Thumbs Up Thumbs Down (TUTD) research project to eliminate the influence of tobacco in films.

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