Welcome to the Summer Challenge!

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While we continue to practice social distancing and other measures to keep our communities safe and healthy, we are pleased to offer some rides to challenge you this summer. Keep yourself cycling and active by participating in our challenge routes listed below and we encourage you to register for the 1-Day Trek ride here.

Join us on the road this summer by choosing your ride length and completing all the rides in that length category. Show us that you finished all the rides in that length category or a combination of categories and win bragging rights! Don’t forget about the bonus ride included at the bottom.
Each set of routes features beautiful scenery, challenging hills, flat streets and easy-to-find starting locations. Riders participating in the Summer Challenge can win prizes and bragging rights to show off on Facebook or your next Zoom call! We can’t wait to see you on the road, at a distance but still together.

We look forward to riding with you, distanced, on October, 17th! Register here.

Summer Ride Distance

Short Routes

Loomis Short Route
(12.2 miles, 299’ vertical)

Folsom Lake Short Route
(12.7 miles, 412’ vertical)

Lincoln Short Route
(14.4 miles, 325’ vertical)

Folsom Short Route
(20.4 miles, 696’ vertical)

Medium Routes

Loomis Medium Route
(22.3 miles, 854’ vertical)

Folsom Lake Medium Route
(23.0 miles, 756 vertical)

Lincoln Medium Route
(23.6 miles, 556’ vertical)

Folsom Medium Route
(30.2 miles, 1,322’ vertical)

Long Routes

Lincoln Long Route
(33.2 miles, 940’ vertical)

Loomis-Newcastle-Lincoln Long Route
(33.2miles, 1,477’ vertical)

Loomis-Auburn Long Route
(34.1 miles, 2,181’ vertical)

Folsom Long Route
(35.6 miles, 2,125’ vertical)

Bonus Ride

Patrick’s West Sac River Ride
(20.3 miles, 107’ vertical)

Directions to Start Locations

FOLSOM ROUTES:Start at the Wells Fargo parking lot on Gold Field Drive, just south of Gold Country Blvd. in Gold River. Wells Fargo is right on the corner of these two roads. Starbucks is close-by, right across the parking lot.

FOLSOM LAKE RECREATION AREA ROUTES: Start at the Country Gables Shopping Center parking lot at the corner of Douglas Blvd and Auburn-Folsom Road. Raley’s is the major tenant; the Starbucks at this location is now closed.

LOOMIS ROUTES: Start at the Loomis Basin Community Park (South), located on King Road and Winters Road (aka, Ong Place). Head up a slight hill to the parking lot near the restrooms on your right.

LINCOLN ROUTES: Start at McBean Park, located on McBean Park Drive in Lincoln. Lincoln’s “A” Street is right across McBean Park Drive from the park entrance. McBean Park Drive is the beginning of Hwy. 193 that runs from Lincoln to Newcastle.

BONUS RIDE: Patrick’s West Sac River Ride starts at the Southport Town Center in West Sacramento, located at the southeast corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Linden Road.

For any questions about these Summer Challenge routes, please contact Steve Boswell (stevecboswell@yahoo.com). For questions regarding the Trek on October, 17th contact Jennifer Finton (jfinton@sacbreathe.org).

Breathe Bike Trek team riders post ride

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