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Registration & Fundraising FAQs

What are the registration fees?

There is a $25 registration fee from February 15th up until the day of the event.

Is there a fundraising requirement to ride in the Trek?

Yes. The minimum donation for the One-Day Challenge Ride is $125, in addition to the $25 dollar registration fee. Trekkers who raise at least $1,000 in donations are honored at a special awards dinner and receive a unique “Thank You” gift from Breathe California.

How can I participate if I don’t ride in the Trek?

VOLUNTEER!! Volunteers are what makes the Trek such an amazing event. Volunteer slots fill quickly so let us know early on if you are interested. There are NO fees if you volunteer and you’ll enjoy helping to make the Trek a great success. You’ll have fun and you’ll leave knowing that you’ve made an important contribution to a great cause. Volunteers can register by clicking on the registration link on the Trek’s website.

Riding and Bike Maintenance FAQS

Do I have to be on a team to ride in the Trek?

No. We have a number of Trekkers who just love the whole Trek experience and participate year-after-year with just a couple of friends.

How skilled of a cyclist do I need to be?

As long as you’re able to comfortably ride roughly 20 miles with a bit of elevation, you’re ready for the Trek! And, don’t forget, you’ve got months to build up to that distance.

What if I run into a mechanical problem with my bike?

The Trek has experienced bicycle mechanics available in camp to help with your mechanical needs, from inflating tires to adjusting derailleurs. Out on the road, if you get a flat or throw a chain, our SAG (“Support And Gear”) drivers have the necessary equipment and experience to help with common repairs. They’ll even give you a lift if you really need one.

Snacks & Meals FAQS

Is there a vegetarian option for meals?

Yes! The 1-Day Event will provide a vegetarian option for meals and snacks.

Trek Team FAQs

What is a Trek team and how do I form one?

You can form your own team with 5 or more people. Forming a team is a great way to corral your friends into joining you on the Trek. It can be made up of your friends, family, coworkers, or a combination of all three. Teams typically camp together, motivate one another to train, and watch out for one another on the road. Some teams create their own t-shirts or jerseys and even plan elaborate campsite decorations.

What is a Team Captain?

Each team has a Team Captain who helps organize and motivate the team, participates in free Team Captain breakfasts, receives a team photo and any awards won by the team, and communicates important information about the Trek back to their teammates. If you’re interested in creating a team, please indicate so when you register online, or you can contact Jennifer Finton at jfinton@sacbreathe.org.

General FAQs

Can I bring my kids to the Trek?

Yes. That said, the Trek is an adult-oriented event and doesn’t make specific plans to accommodate children. Young children in attendance must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while you’re out riding or if you’re busy serving as a volunteer. Children must be at least 13 years old to ride in the Trek, and the same registration and fundraising requirements apply if they’re riding. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Have another question?

The Trek will send a packet to each registered Trekker and Volunteer in advance of the Trek to answer questions you may have on menus, camp schedules, recommended camping gear, etc. In the mean-time, you can email your questions to jfinton@sacbreathe.org. If it’s a hum-dinger, we’ll add it here to our FAQ pages.

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

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