Registration & Fundraising FAQs

What are the registration fees?

There is a $25 registration fee.

Is there a fundraising requirement to ride in the Trek?

Yes. The minimum donation for this event is $125 in addition to the $25 registration fee. Riders who raise $300 are eligible for a Recovery Package to be delivered prior to October 17th. For $500 raised, riders can receive a Recovery Package and custom neck gator. For our Winners’ Circle members, raising $1000 or more, riders can receive a Recovery Package, custom neck gator and a jersey.

How can I participate if I don’t ride in the Trek?

Support your favorite rider by encouraging them to register! We have a few volunteer opportunities available, click here for specifics.

Riding and Bike Maintenance FAQS

Do I have to be on a team to ride in the Trek?

No. We have a number of Trekkers who just love the whole Trek experience and participate year-after-year with just a couple of friends.

How skilled of a cyclist do I need to be?

With a ‘ride wherever you are’ type of Trek this year, your distance is up to you! If you choose to ride one of the routes we have put together, please be prepared to ride at least 20 miles with a small elevation change. Click here (link to Trek Routes page on the 1-Day Challenge ride page) to view route options. With these routes, on-road support is very limited this year due to social distancing precautions.

What if I run into a mechanical problem with my bike?

This year’s rest stops will have some bike mechanical supplies and assistance. More details on this coming soon.

Snacks & Meals FAQS

Is there a vegetarian option for meals?

Yes! The 1-Day Event will provide a vegetarian option for meals and snacks.

Trek Team FAQs

What is a Trek team and how do I form one?

You can form your own team with 5 or more people. Forming a team is a great way to corral your friends into joining you on the Trek. It can be made up of your friends, family, coworkers, or a combination of all three. Teams typically camp together, motivate one another to train, and watch out for one another on the road. Some teams create their own t-shirts or jerseys and even plan elaborate campsite decorations.

What is a Team Captain?

Each team has a Team Captain who helps organize and motivate the team, participates in free Team Captain breakfasts, receives a team photo and any awards won by the team, and communicates important information about the Trek back to their teammates. If you’re interested in creating a team, please indicate so when you register online, or you can contact Jennifer Finton at jfinton@sacbreathe.org.

General FAQs

Have another question?

For any questions regarding the Summer Challenge routes, please contact Steve Boswell (stevecboswell@yahoo.com). For questions regarding the Trek on October, 17th contact Jennifer Finton (jfinton@sacbreathe.org).

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

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